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Sub-industry inventory turnover increase Pay attention to this key point


In the long-term development perspective, electronic manufacturing enterprises need to achieve good benefits in internal management, to achieve account matching, global planning, implementation of responsibility, information technology construction and many other aspects. However, electronic enterprises want to complete the above conditions is not easy, especially in the warehouse management, there are many management pain points:

1、Multiple product models
There are many types of materials/finished products stored in the warehouse with complex naming and similar material numbers. It takes a long time for novices to understand these materials/finished products before they can reach independent picking and material picking.

2、Commodity placement at will
There are enough storage spaces in the warehouse, but there are some employees who are greedy for convenience and put some materials/finished products in a place at random, and forget to write a list to submit afterwards, which makes it very time-consuming to find materials.

3、Inconsistency in inventory accounts
The storage process is not standardized, operation errors, warehouse personnel wrongly take wrongly put resulting in inaccurate data, and the interval is relatively long, to be inventory to know the data abnormal, and there is no way to query the person responsible for the problem, so that the accounts are not consistent.

4、Many loopholes in the management of valuable materials
IC and other valuable materials, small size and easy to carry, prone to management loopholes such as loss and theft.

5、Update cycle block
Electronic components update cycle is faster, backward inventory information is more likely to produce stagnant materials, increasing inventory backlog capital

6、Tracing difficulties
Lack of batch management makes it difficult to form an effective traceability link.

CINGO manufacturing warehouse solutions, based on barcode warehousing system, established to meet the typical warehouse business needs of the electronics industry, not only to solve the above warehouse management problems, but also to help enterprises to achieve the operational process can be controlled, visible and traceable, integration of warehouse resources, real-time inventory accuracy, product traceability in the warehouse, etc., to improve the degree of warehouse information. At the same time, it can be integrated with other information information such as SAP and ERP to significantly improve the market competitiveness and brand efficiency of electronic enterprises.
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